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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

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Prepare Acne Prone Skin Before Makeup

It is a gesture that very few of us do, but prepare the skin before applying makeup should be a habit that we should all take! Why? Because makeup strongly damages the skin ... Here's how to prepare your Acne-Prone skin before applying makeup :

First, clean out your skin with the soap and water and dry it. Then apply your usual cream ( moisturizer , day cream , etc..) to nourish your skin before to protect through a protective base . 

A base is a product that will protect your skin with a protective film that will slip between the skin and makeup . Result: a protected skin and makeup that will keep permanently! A base is chosen depending on your skin type ( dry skin , oily skin ...) and applies to either the tip of your fingers or with a brush , always starting from the inside of the face outwards ... Attention to not overload the skin ! 

Then proceed to the application of your makeup ( foundation ) usual. With this base , your skin will be protected from redness , the irritation or the drying . 

as you know, don't forget to choose the best makeup for Acne-Prone Skin.


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