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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

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Best Tips To Makeup For Acne Prone Skin

I started sympathizing with is actually more complex since when you make up our skin has several acne lesions. That said, I have several small, simple tips and advice for you, applicable in everyday life:

  • First, always choose products based on water and not oil (don't forget choose the best makeup for Acne Prone skin ). Your skin will be more matte and natural look.
  • Avoid wearing blush (especially if the lesions of acne are many here) so as not to focus attention on this particular area.
  • Make up your eyes with more intensity to just bring people's eyes to that specific location. And do not forget: your eyebrows should also be defined to maximize the impact of your eyes. And why not dare false eyelashes?Impact insured on the eyes!
  • Avoid "cream" textures that create an illusion of volume and relief. Opts especially for powders or foams textures that give a more natural effect to your skin.
  • But most importantly, do not wear makeup pink, red, purple, aubergine ... Why? Well, the reason is very simple, you see: as buttons or buttons marks, scars and plaques are pink or reddish, sometimes verging on purple. Having your makeup lips and / or your eyes in these colors remind these little "flaws" immediately. And even if thou hast previously hidden. The best solution for you will be to use, for example, earth tones, shades of green, the metal colors like gold or silver, colors that are not on your skin
One last thing: often, makeup has a less good performance on acne prone skin (because the 
button has a greasy and oily surface makeup will naturally adhere less well). So if you apply a makeup base (designed for your skin type) before you make up all your cosmetics will therefore have a better grip and a more beautiful effect.

also be sure of the best makeup for Acne Prone skin, and applying the correct techniques in above.


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